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Find out which users are online with ngDesk’s latest free addition, the User Status Window!

What is it?

Located in the top right of the ngDesk web application next to your nameplate, the User Status Window shows which users are currently online with a green light near their name.

If a user is off line, a red dot will be by their name along with the time they were last online.

Why add it?

Not only does this feature allow you to quickly view who is or isn’t online, but once ngDesk’s free chat feature is released, the User Status Window will also serve as a chat list.

What’s next?

ngDesk has many more exciting things on the horizon, like our live chat feature, IVR support, and fully integrated AI support. In all, ngDesk is well on its way to upending traditional help desk software, with our latest User Status Window acting as a small but crucial piece in our future plans.

Go check it out!

Sign up or sign in now to see who is online in your neck of the woods!

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