Prioritize your helpdesk software security

Prioritize your helpdesk software security

Prioritize your helpdesk software security

We all know that a help desk  is one of the most common ways to reach an organization. However, it may not be known that a help desk  is the shortest way to enter your network and steal information. This may sound frightening when thinking about the possibility of this happening , but there is no need to fret. Help desk security does not come with a price to maintain. To create a secured space, implementing the best security practices can go a long way to securing data. So how can you prioritize your helpdesk software security and stay out of the courts? What does ngDesk do to also maintain security on their platform? Let’s see.

Defining secured data

What exactly is secured data? Secured data is sensitive information that is protected by means of encryption, cloud or external storage. Sensitive data can range anywhere from banking information, addresses or passwords. Guarding your data is important because if your data is not secured, then it is not private. This rings true running a business, as it could result in financial loss and a decrease in customer loyalty. And with GDPR regulations, many companies are updating their privacy policies to maintain compliance and to notify users on how their data is being protected.

What you can do

Securing data does not have to be cumbersome. There are simple steps that you can take to control data within your overall organization and IT operations, such as creating a two-factor authentication process and creating password management policies. An effective help desk, and company, is one that develops new systems to prevent customer data from being compromised. At the end of the day, customers are like teeth, ignore them and they’ ll go away.

ngDesk’s role in data security

ngDesk takes security very seriously, which is why we’ve implemented various policies and procedures to safe harbor data. In addition to maintaining six secure data centers around the globe, ngDesk employs a security team who’ s on standby to respond to security threats. Furthermore, the developers and engineers from our parent company, All Blue Solutions, take part in annual security training to stay on top of current and emerging threats. ngDesk is committed to maintaining a secured environment for all users and is continually improving the platform with new technology so you can prioritize your helpdesk software security.

ngDesk 2.0 is will be released in the near future. Coming soon, you can prepare to experience how to prioritize your helpdesk software security with ngDesk.

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