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Looking for an easy and free PagerDuty alternative? We were, too. That’s why we created ngDesk, a free PagerDuty alternative that’s an operations monitor complete with instant notifications and a robust ticket management platform. Don’t just receive notifications, do something about them with ngDesk.

Here are a few reasons why we created ngDesk, the best free PagerDuty alternative out there:

On-Call Schedules

Stay in front of every customer support request with ngDesk’s on-call schedules for complete coverage during your busiest times and unexpected requests during off hours. Plus, you can even establish emergency backups to ensure no request goes unanswered at the most critical times. Coupled with your unique escalation policies, on-call schedules notify the on-call staff, backup help, and management via SMS, push, email, and phone call the instant your receive a request.

Instant notifications sent to the best available agent the moment a customer submits a ticket make for faster support for customers while freeing up your agents to focus on solving problems without needing to keep an eye on incoming requests. And if all on-call agents are occupied with pressing matters during those frenzied days, ngDesk ensures your team always has the backup it needs.

Actionable Alerts

Pager Notifications on ngDeskWhile PagerDuty monitors and notifies you of issues as they arise, you’re forced to go elsewhere if you wanted to solve those problems. ngDesk’s multichannel support instantly creates tickets and sends notifications that auto-escalate so your team can begin to tackle each issue the moment it’s received.

In contrast, here’s how the PagerDuty/Zendesk pairing works: PagerDuty sends you an alert, then you pull the notification’s ID number from PagerDuty, then switch to Zendesk using the PagerDuty ID number to then find that ticket in Zendesk, and now you can begin. Get all that? This sputtering start costs valuable time and puts resolving critical problems temporarily on hold. ngDesk offers both of these services in one software free of charge.

Integrated Ticketing Managementfree pagerduty alternative ticket management

Don’t just find out the server room is on fire, start putting it out. ngDesk’s strongest reason why it’s the best free PagerDuty alternative is its ticket management system that gives you the power to start tackling problems instantly, without additional programs at additional cost. After all, PagerDuty only alerts you, like an alarm flashing on the wall. ngDesk is the fireman that helps put out the fire.

ngDesk goes past monitoring and notifications, unlike PagerDuty. It also automatically converts each notification into a ticket, which you can view in a shared inbox. Each ticket includes both a public and private chat so your agents can collaborate and keep customers informed within the same window. Plus, you can set reminders to ensure no problem is left to smolder.

Triggers & Notificationsfree pagerduty alternative triggers ngdesk help desk

ngDesk offers flexible triggers that have greater functionality than those found in PagerDuty, too. What if your business runs into a critical problem that can only be solved by someone who isn’t on-call? PagerDuty only alerts agents who are on-call. ngDesk can auto-escalate to the right person for the job, whether they’re on call or not, based on SLAs, account, time of day, and a number of other criteria. At critical times, you can’t afford to wait around. ngDesk makes all this easy to configure so you’re ready for anything.

Another curious PagerDuty glitch is the trap of endless emails lurking between businesses who both use PagerDuty, or any other automated email services or help desks. Upon completion of a job, PagerDuty sends an email notification that can trigger a similar email from the receiving end, resulting in an endless chain reaction of Thank You emails only PagerDuty can end. If you’re being charged per email by your client–yikes. Since ngDesk exists in a self-contained platform, there is no chance of any incompatibility issues like this.

A Truly Free PagerDuty Alternativefree pagerduty alternative is free ngdesk

ngDesk is a 100% free PagerDuty alternative. There’s no two week trial period because ngDesk is always free. Once PagerDuty’s two week trial period ends, you’re charged per user, per month. The larger your business grows, the larger your bill. Hire a promising new developer toward the end of the month? You’re still charged for a full month. That, or he rests on the sideline until next month.

There’s a better way: free.

All of these features on ngDesk are completely free to use. Forever. Use the full-fledged web app to make the most of your help desk. Forward emails from your current email to keep customers–or go all out by using ngDesk as a total email replacement. Our free mobile app, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, will keep you on top of customer issues wherever you go. We even offer a free web widget so customers can file tickets directly on your website.

You have options. Finally.

Want a free tour? Have questions? What to see how else ngDesk can help improve your business operations? Schedule a free 1-on-1 session with an ngDesk pro today! And stay in touch to find out all the new, free features we have planned for the future by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn!

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