How travel websites can improve customer booking experience

How travel websites can improve customer booking experience

how travel websites can improve customer booking experienceWhether a startup or a Fortune 500 company, live chat has become a must-have for many businesses.  Live chat has been touted as a customer service tool but has been slightly shunned as an engagement tool. Live chat can be useful in many industries, especially in the travel industry. Many agencies are capitalizing on the benefits of live chat in their business to both improve their customer relations and to increase their sales. So how can travel agencies re-invent the booking process for their customers? How can ngDesk free live chat  play a role in doing so? Let’s take a look at how travel websites can improve customer booking experience.

Booking made straightforward

Planning a business trip or vacation has come a long way. In the past, to buy a plane ticket, you would have actually had to go to the airlines directly. With the introduction of the internet, finding the best flight/hotel deals has never been more convenient. For some, locating their way around a booking website can be difficult which, as a result, can lead them to go to another company’s page. Thankfully, live chat can guide customers to make navigating the website uncomplicated and less time consuming. Live chat can also help customers get the best deals for their next travel destination, while also giving recommendations on hotel accommodations based on a customer’s desired budget and destination.

Virtual travel educator

Hong Kong, London and Paris. Those are just some of the top international travel destinations in 2017. Not to damper the mood but traveling overseas can be a task if it’s your first time doing so. That is where live chat comes to the rescue. Live chat can help customers understand the rules and policies when it comes to traveling abroad. Live chat can send resourceful information to customers regarding a specific foreign country, their main airport and currency exchange. Furthermore, live chat makes traveling overseas non-stressful by instructing customers on how to travel prepared when exploring new territories.

Building brand potential

At the end of the day, customer satisfaction is at the top of many businesses’ agenda. With live chat, increase the chance of establishing your business as the top consumer traveling website. Also, live chat doubles the rate of satisfied travelers who have booked flights and/or hotels through your site. Get your clients to continue doing business with you. Live chat has become the central core of customer service for businesses to make constant transactions online, while also creating memories that your customers will never forget.

ngDesk AI Chatbot, which will provide free live chat support for users, is slated to be release in the coming months. Coming soon, you can prepare to experience How travel websites can improve customer booking experience with ngDesk.

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