How to help frustrated customers with help desk software

How to help frustrated customers with help desk software

How to help frustrated customers with help desk software

Everyone has encountered a difficult customer at least once, whether in retail, IT or the food industry. Talking to a frustrated customer can seem like talking to a brick wall at times, but they are counting on you to get them back on track after hitting a roadblock. There are many responses that you can give to a frustrated customer who contacts your company, but which approaches work? Let’s see how to help frustrated customers with help desk software.

Show compassion

Interacting with a frustrated customer can be tense, but don’t reciprocate the customer’s frustration, anger, etc. Instead, listen–and never forget this cust0mer is reaching out to you for help, regardless how much they may blame you. Listening to a customer can go a long way toward a positive resolution for them. The main goal of help desk agents is to solve customer’s issues quickly and effectively. By apologizing, fault aside, and asking the customer what the problem is and what can make the situation better, an agent can turn an angry customer into a thankful one. The result, both a satisfied customer and agent, who is essentially the “superman” or “wonderwoman” of the situation. ngDesk gives you real time results when communicating with customers with IBM Watson Tone Analyzer to get a better understanding of how a customer truly feels. Always be prepared for what’s to come when a support ticket comes in. How to help frustrated customers with help desk software

Seeking out help

Frustrated customers are just like any other any other customer; they have issues that need to be solved as quickly as possible. Depending on the scope of the problem, this may be more than a single customer service rep can handle. That’s why it’s more important to seek out those who are more knowledgeable and collaborate with them toward a resolution for the customer. ngDesk empowers customer service reps to collaborate with others on their team or outside the department from within the ticket response screen. Agents can also hold internal conversations on the issue, keeping them private from customers but creating a ticket history that can serve to get a new agent up to speed fast. Look within when dealing with the impossible.

Getting to the root

“What could I have done to calm that customer down?” is one well-known question that help desk agents ask themselves after communicating with a frustrated customer. It’s common for agents to look past the mood and behaviors of customers whom they have contact with. To further understand customers better, incorporating a customer survey into your help desk can make all the difference for both previous and future customer interactions. With every customer and agent contact in ngDesk comes a survey analyzing service quality and agent performance. Going further into recognizing the overall contact can shape both customer’s attitude and agent work performance.

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