How HIPAA Compliance works with help desk software

How HIPAA Compliance works with help desk software

How HIPAA Compliance works with help desk software

Many industries, such as pharmaceutical and government, have their own set of  policies and regulations that they abide by concerning laws and ethics. The healthcare industry is no different, with their adoption of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This act protects the personal health information of millions of patients nationwide. HIPAA expands beyond healthcare agencies, hospitals and clinics, as both IT companies and organizational operations frequently work with such information. Not many help desks are HIPAA compliant, which could spell disaster if a breach occurs. So, why should you be HIPAA compliant? How can you achieve compliance and what role does ngDesk play in HIPAA? Let’s look at how HIPAA compliance works with help desk software.

The risks

HIPAA is a major policy pertaining to many organizations, whether healthcare related or not. Being HIPAA compliant is necessary, as being in violation can cost you millions in fines and lead to legal dilemmas. Furthermore, your organization could suffer greatly by losing the trust of patients. HIPAA is a serious matter that should not be taken lightly. When running an organization that handles sensitive healthcare information, special steps should be executed to secure data and ensure complete compliance with not only healthcare-related policies, but also IT standards.

Helping help others

Help desk software plays a pivotal role in maintaining HIPAA compliance. Adapting help desk software into current IT operations helps to react to potential security breaches. Help desk software adds a layer of security when storing, transferring and backing up such data to prevent exposure. Furthermore, help desk can be integrated to other networks and/or servers for effective monitoring. HIPAA may seem complicated, but with a supportive help desk along the way, safeguarding patient data can be achieved.

Taking control

Although software is important to maintaining HIPAA compliance, so does physical security as well. One important component to have when dealing with HIPPA-related data is a server room, which stores sensitive information. ngDesk goes above and beyond to maintain complete HIPAA compliance. Not only does ngDesk host several data centers around the globe, but our parent company, All Blue Solutions, requires employees to undergo training on HIPAA policies while conducting annual background checks. ngDesk takes HIPAA compliance beyond that of the help desk by ensuring the security of patients from within.

ngDesk 2.0 is slated to be release this summer. Coming soon, you can prepare to experience how HIPAA compliance works with help desk software, that is ngDesk.

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