How can small business benefit from AI with ngDesk

How can small business benefit from AI with ngDesk

How can small business benefit from AI with ngDesk

In the next couple months, ngDesk will roll out an array of AI-powered features as we lead the way into the next generation of customer service and business management software. With features like an AI chatbot and smart analytics, your business will run smoother and more effectively than ever before. That said, AI is not meant to replace customer service agents, but act as yet another tool in your agents’ tool belt in an effort to offer the best customer service possible.

How can small business benefit from AIArtificial Intelligence (AI) has been growing during the last few years. Many businesses, such as car dealerships and airline providers, are starting to incorporate this technology into their daily operations. That said, small businesses are starting to find ways to incorporate AI into their daily operations, while others are wondering how they can benefit from AI.

Let’s take a look at how can small business benefit from AI.

More automatic processes

Just like a hospital or police department, customer service is ideally available 24/7 to address problems as they occur. Unfortunately, for some businesses, agents are unable to maintain 24/7 coverage. Here, AI can help answer rudimentary questions when agents are unavailable to give customers quick answers to common questions. As the AI gains more experience and learns from its interactions, it can begin to address increasingly complex issues. AI can also help to balance what agents can achieve, freeing up agents’ time so they can focus on urgent and complex problems. However, AI will re-route complex questions, or those it is not yet equipped to address, to an available agent, should one arise. Furthermore, AI is more than general automatic messages. Responses are tailored to your customers using language appropriate for your industry.

Data is officially the star

AI helps to eliminate mind-numbing, repetitive tasks that have traditionally been done manually–things like collecting and entering data, routing customers to the best available agent, or forwarding customers the most applicable resources to empower them to find their own answers. However, it should be noted that AI chatbots do not completely replace customer service agents. People will always be at the core of customer support. AI helps to maximize response time for the most urgent questions. Also, AI empowers deeper learning to understand the language, meaning, and context of questions through aggregate data. The more data present, the more AI Chatbot intelligence increases.

The future of customer service and AI

AI chatbots can be thought of as a complex customer service tool, meaning it’s not here to replace agents entirely. With AI, agents can focus on skill enrichment and address urgent projects, thus creating value for the organization. Customer service is an ever-growing business that is unpredictable, especially with the advent of new, innovative technologies. However, with AI, your business will be guaranteed to run smoothly and more productive.

Stay tuned for what’s to come

ngDesk AI Chatbot is due to be released in the coming months. Until then, explore the realization of how to do business smarter with AI.

If you have any questions or want to know more on how can small business benefit from AI with ngDesk, we encourage you to sign up for a free 1-on-1 screen share session with an ngDesk pro. Or you can dive right in with your very own free ngDesk account. All you need is an email address!

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