How a help desk can improve gaming experience

How a help desk can improve gaming experience

How a help desk can improve gaming experience

Fortnite, Call of Duty and NBA 2k series. Those are three of the most popular games played by thousands of gamers worldwide in 2018. Gaming has become increasingly popular in the past couple of years, with the rise of streaming sites, such as Twitch and YouTube. With this surge of players in this billion-dollar industry comes the need for practical customer support, in the form of a help desk. How would you implement a help desk to assist gamers exactly? Let’s look at how a help desk can improve gaming experience.

Support from within

No one enjoys listening to irate customers, especially those who are gamers. It can be difficult for companies to come up with ways to give top customer support to active online gamers. As your game becomes more popular, there comes the need to organize multiple support requests. However, a help desk can be used to become an essential part of the gaming experience for the user. With a web snippet, gamers can submit assistance and requests without leaving your website. A help desk can also make the gaming support process straightforward, thus keeping gamers gaming. This is just one way how a help desk can improve gaming experience.

Education on demand

Gaming doesn’t end, which means that players, both domestic and international, can send in a support request at any time. This can be a lot for a company depending on the number of agents that can manage support tickets. To ease the burden of agents, having a knowledge-base on hand can make all the difference. By holding a knowledge base, users can troubleshoot common gaming issues themselves and get answers to frequent questions. A help desk knowledge-base lets players be their own agent and help themselves when finding support resolutions.

Putting users first

When reaching out for support, the last thing a person would enjoy is waiting for an agent to assist them. That’s why with a help desk software, requests are expedited for faster assistance. Support tickets that have gone unnoticed for a while can be auto- escalated to an available agent. Escalations help to address requests, no matter big or small, to get gamers back to gaming.

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