How a help desk can improve dating app user experience

How a help desk can improve dating app user experience

How a help desk can improve dating app user experience

In the past few years, dating websites and apps have become an increasingly popular way for individuals to find relationships. A survey conducted in April 2017 revealed that 84 percent of dating app users were utilizing such services to find companionship. With more individuals turning to various apps calls for additional customer support to respond to their multiple requests. How can you achieve this specifically? Well, a help desk can do the job. Furthermore, in what ways can users benefit directly from help desk support? Let’s look at how a help desk can improve dating app user experience.

Social media outreach

Dating app support goes beyond that of the main app. With the rise of social media platforms, like Twitter and Facebook, creating and receiving requests are seen in different perspectives for users and agents. Go beyond traditional email support and reach out to customers in the refreshing form of comments and tags. Help desk support powered by multichannel communication creates new opportunities for user support and establishes positive working relationships among dating app sites and their users.

Guarding users

One of the challenges dating apps currently face is keeping their users safe on their platform. Being a member of a dating community comes with the possibility of experiencing harassment, threatening and/or inappropriate behaviors online. Users want to feel protected while actively scrolling and swiping. One way to combat issues like these is with a help desk. Help desk software, such as ngDesk, helps to centralize all requests by turning them into tickets as they come in. Address issues firsthand and in a timely fashion to give users a piece of mind when dealing with potentially harmful and inappropriate conduct online. Help desk enables users to feel safe knowing that they can successfully report uncomfortable situations and take control of who they communicate with in the app.

Support sans dollars

Dating app users have many needs. From retrieving locked accounts to subscription issues, help desk support is an around-the-clock operation. However, there are ways that you can streamline requests, maintain an organized inbox and provideĀ user resources at no cost. With that, ngDesk is the free help desk software that gives you both automated ticketing support and escalations to create a universal help desk for dating app users. Say bye to other help desk software that are ineffective and expensive and turn to ngDesk for a simplified user dating app experience.

ngDesk 2.0 is will be released in the near future. Coming soon, you can prepare to experience how a help desk can improve dating app user experience with ngDesk.

If you have any other questions concerning why ngDesk offers free and reliable web help desk to clients, or if you want a quick introduction to ngDesk, we encourage you to sign up for a free 1-on-1 screen share session with an ngDesk pro. Or you can dive right in with your very own free ngDesk account. All you need is an email address!

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