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Team Plan: $99.00/agent/month

Multichannel Support
Ticket Management
On-Call Schedules

*Data from zendesk pricing page



Next Gen Plan: $0.00/agent/month

IBM’s Watson Tone Analyzer
Live Performance Metrics
Multichannel Support
On-Call Schedules
Ticket Management
Team Inbox
Custom Forms



Basic Plan: $49.00/agent/month

Live Performance Metrics
On-Call Schedules

*Data from pagerduty pricing page
Why is ngDesk free?
We’re all in it together.

The base features will always remain free because we use them, too!
Our parent company, All Blue Solutions, uses ngDesk to improve the quality and efficiency of their support.
After some time using it in-house, we decided to make it public because we think it is pretty excellent.
Plus, the more you use it and the more feedback you send us, the more improvements we’ll make
in our quest to create the perfect help desk software so we all reap the rewards.

ngDesk’s base features, which will always be free, set the stage for our cognitive platform, aimed at nothing less than revolutionizing workflow and issue management. Available in 2018, these features that integrate AI and machine learning will be the only paid portion of ngDesk.

Read on for more info on both our free and future features.

What comes free with ngDesk?
Unlimited agents. Unlimited tickets. Unlimited possibilities.

ngDesk is a complete and free help desk with no usage limits
and more features than most paid software, including:

Ticket Management   ♦   Team Inbox   ♦   Service Level Agreements   ♦   Multi-Channel Communication
Email Forwarding   ♦   In-Ticket Reminders   ♦   Complete Ticket History   ♦   In-Ticket Messaging
Assigning Tickets   ♦   Tags   ♦   IBM’s Watson Tone Analyzer   ♦   Real Time Data Dashboard
Customer Satisfaction Data   ♦   Premade Ticket Responses   ♦   Notifications   ♦   Custom Views
On-Call Scheduling   ♦   Triggers   ♦   Forms   ♦   Workflows   ♦   Monitors
White Labeling   ♦   Application-Program Interface (API)

Want more?

There are even more free features coming soon:
2017: Live chat.
2018: Facebook and Twitter integration.

Everything you need. Free of charge. Forever.

What does the future hold?
Cognitive Customer Service

In 2018, ngDesk’s complete help desk is headed into the next generation of machine learning and artificial intelligence.
With cognitive computing, ngDesk will change the way you think of help desks by giving help desks a way to think.

Smart Ticket Management

New tickets are analyzed and automatically tagged and assigned to agents
for a self-sustaining ticket management system
that’s constantly learning and adapting.

Cognitive Analytics

Cognitive computing transcends live performance metrics
by learning and actively suggesting more effective approaches
to solving even the most difficult problems.

Intelligent Chat

AI-driven chat recognizes your customers’ mood and understands queries,
accurately addressing concerns with data pulled from your past interactions.

And More!

Planned for 2018 and with more features in the works,
ngDesk’s cognitive computing is currently in beta
and its only paid component.

The next generation of help desk software is coming in 2018.

Sign up with ngDesk today for Free
Get Started Now
And bring your customer support into the next generation.

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