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One inbox to rule them all.
Centralize all your support requests.

Funnel all your support channels into a single shared inbox. Every support request you receive is automatically converted into a ticket, allowing your agents to easily manage incoming tickets no matter how busy it gets.

Make collaboration easy.

A shared team inbox allows agents to view all company tickets so they can easily collaborate, see who is working on what, and check on a ticket’s status. Customizable priorities and categories allow agents to organize, identify, and assign tickets to the expert best equipped to solve the problem.

Tweak your ticket table to match your needs.

Every agent can customize their own view by choosing the headings that make-up their ticket table in addition to using category and status filters to control what tickets they see. This customized and uncluttered view allows agents to easily assess their workload so they can prioritize their assigned tickets, then jump in.

Shared group inbox free help desk software
Streamline ticket resolution with dynamic tickets.
Get the right agent for the job.
Assigning and reassigning tickets to subject matter experts is a cinch! Plus, when an agent is assigned to a ticket, they will receive notifications on all ticket updates and activity. Essentially, they own it and become responsible for ensuring that ticket gets resolved.
Resolve common questions in a flash.

Reusable premade responses enable all of your agents to quickly answer common questions with a few clicks. Create, save, and even personalize your premade responses with placeholders that pull information from the ticket to ensure a personalized reply.

Resolve tickets together

Private messages enable agents to collaborate on a ticket in conversations hidden from customer view to ensure the best possible solution is reached the first time.

Seamless communication.

Keep backtracking and repetition out of the conversation with integrated message threads that detail all previous communication with your customers saved right inside the ticket. All past communication, including email and which agent said what, are recorded for a complete ticket history.

Never forget a ticket.

Rather than relying on your memory or calendar alerts, add customer reminds directly into a ticket. Each agent can customize when, how often, and notification method: email, text message, push notification, even a phone call.

Set, manage, and exceed customer expectations with Service Level Agreements.
Exceed customer expectations.

Customize response times and prioritize tickets to master every one of your SLAs. Even set multiple SLA policies for different customers, customized based on time of day or ticket severity.Service Level Agreements SLA free help desk software

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