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ngDesk Analytics
Monitor your help desk at a glance.

Track everything you do in ngDesk for real-time performance metrics and powerful data reports displayed in dozens of formats.

Measure things like agent performance, ticket resolution times, busiest days, and customer satisfaction, among many others for both a narrow and wide view of your daily operations.

ngDesk Analytics free help desk software free pagerduty alternative
Customer-Satisfaction free help desk software
Customer Satisfaction
Easy reviews reported instantly.

Instantly email customer satisfaction surveys upon ticket resolution for easy reviews on a 1 to 5 star scale.

Track customer satisfaction assessments by agent, group, day, and account so you can adjust your customer service targets on the fly.

IBM’s Watson Tone Analyzer
Deep understanding for a big payoff.

Next generation analysis from IBM’s Watson instantly assesses the tone of a customer’s message and an agent’s reply.

Insight on tone offers agents ample opportunities to exceed expectations and build lasting customer relationships.

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