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On-Call Scheduling
Always be ready.

Ensure agent availability by easily creating and managing multiple on-call schedules that suite your business.

When your customers require support after hours, tickets are routed to an on-call schedule, and will follow your escalation policies.

Pager Notifications
Keep your team informed.

Receive instant notifications for new tickets, ticket updates or status changes by email, push, SMS or phone.

Choose what notification type best suites your business to ensure that important issues are always attended to.

Auto Escalation
Make sure important issues are answered.

Create custom escalation policies to make sure that if a ticket is left unacknowledged, that its continues to escalate until action is taken.

Customize who you want tickets to escalate to and the time intervals between escalations.

Triggers free help desk software ngdesk
Conquer the unknown.

Control the unpredictable with customizable triggers that kick in the moment an event matches your criteria.

Instant, automated processes can ensure you’re always on top of all incoming requests and keep the best people informed on incoming critical issues.

Keep watch every minute of every day.

Tailor monitors to scour tickets as often as once a minute and alert your agents of potential breaches in Service Level Agreements.

Set priorities to rank a host of monitors to scan through your entire operation and stay primed to notify, organize, and escalate when the moment arises.

Monitors free help desk software ngdesk
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