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We’ve got you covered. We’ll show you the ropes, get you set up, and make sure you’re ready to rock your customer service.

Take a Tour of Everything ngDesk

A free ngDesk walkthrough can help you see just how much a complete help desk platform can improve your business operations. Get the grand tour of the many features and functions ngDesk has to offer your business from one of the folks who built it.

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Ready to get started? Our pros will get your account up and running so your agents can start working more efficiently and effectively with intuitive ticket management and live performance metrics. Even share your screen with one of our agents, who will help you personalize ngDesk for your business.

Test Us With Questions

We’ll answer all of your questions about how ngDesk can centralize your customer service operations into a single platform. Ask us what plans we have for the future. Even suggest features you’d like to see! We want to know what you want out of a help desk because we’re here to make the help desk easier for you.

ngDesk is a simpler, smarter, and more effective help desk solution. Let us show you why.

As a quick primer, we’ve created a series of videos you can watch that will help you get familiar with ngDesk’s features.
Plus, our expansive documentation offers step-by-step instructions and detailed information that’ll turn you into an ngDesk pro in no time.
You can also submit a request to to see our next generation help desk in action!
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 Sign Up for a Free ngDesk Walkthrough Today!

如果您对ngDesk有任何疑问,请您立即预约 免费的ngDesk线上演示, 将有ngDesk技术专员带您一对一详细了解ngDesk的所有功能。





当您下载好软件后,ngDesk技术专员将帮助您进行账户设置并开始使用,以便您的客服可以直接进行工单管理并通过监测ticket management and 实时绩效指标监测提高工作效率。此外,您也可以与任何一位ngDesk技术专员进行屏幕共享,帮助您设置ngDesk,使ngDesk的功能设置能更贴合您的业务。




为了帮助您快速入门,我们制作了一系列的 视频,帮助您熟悉ngDesk的功能。
此外,您还可以在ngDesk官网上找到内容丰富的 支持文档, 提供了每一步的操作说明和详细信息,能帮助您快速熟悉ngDesk。
您还可以向 发送邮件,获取更多帮助

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