Free Kayako Alternative: ngDesk

Free Kayako Alternative: ngDesk

Many help desk software currently available, such as Kayako, are either expensive, incomplete, or both. Usually both. Software like Kayako charges you a premium for features companies need to provide stellar customer service. Most help desk software companies know this and charge for it. ngDesk knows this all too well, but doesn’t charge for these features, making it the best free Kayako alternative on the market.

Why don’t we charge for them? Because ngDesk was started by a group of engineers and developers who grew frustrated by the current available options that cut into the bottom line and actually required other software to offer what we thought were the basics. Things like ticket and SLA management, instant notifications, and custom reporting and analytics.

That’s why ngDesk provides a free, comprehensive software that allows for unlimited users and a whole suite of features that helps your team work better and faster together. It truly is the best free Kayako alternative.

Let’s take a closer look at why ngDesk is the best free Kayako alternative available.

A Single Inbox for Better Collaboration

Any effective help desk worth its weight in code offers its users ample opportunities to collaborate. The prime example is the shared inbox for ticket management that serves as the heart of ngDesk’s free help desk software. Kayako, on the other hand, charges for this feature to the tune of $9 per month per agent. Seeing as how every free ngDesk subdomain allows admins to invite as many users as they want, even $9 adds up fast, especially if your company is growing fast and hiring to keep up. With ngDesk you can cut out this cost while getting better service? Better how?

ngDesk also allows users to view, assign, and respond to tickets within the same page. Plus, users can collaborate within a ticket through private notes that only your team can view. What’s more, ngDesk offers the ability to analyze those messages with the help of IBM’s Watson Tone Analyzer, which “reads” each message to identify the underlying tones of a message.

Simply put, Kayako has none of this. With ngDesk, you get all of this free.

Unlimited Service Level Agreements

With ngDesk, you can have unlimited SLA policies and unlimited accounts. SLAs, or service level agreements, are one of the best ways a company establishes their reputation for quality service. SLAs function as a service contract agreement between the client and service provider and establish the level of service a client can expect. Respond to or fulfill a request even a minute later than agreed upon, and the contract is breached and the client none too happy. Needless to say, SLAs are vital for service providers.

While ngDesk offers free SLAs and unlimited agents, Kayako charges $15 per month per agent to use their SLAs. Any wonder, then, why ngDesk is the best free Kayako alternative?

Free Custom Reporting & Analytics

free kayako alternativeWith service being so important, the best approach is to measure performance to identify your busiest accounts, most and least effective agents, average resolution time, and much more. After all, the more data the better, because reporting and analytics is how a company improves.

ngDesk offers ample customization of reporting and analytics, including live performance metrics, completely free. You can choose to display your data in one of over two dozen ways, choose whether the reports update live, and create as many reports as you like. Free.

Kayako on the other hand charges $29 per month per agent to track less data with less flexibility, easily making ngDesk the best free Kayako alternative. With Kayako, not only will you pay, but you get less. Monitor your organization’s quality assurance and plan for future company trends with ngDesk.

Step away from tiered prices and sign up with ngDesk today and see for yourself why we are the free Kayako alternative.

If you have any questions or if you want a quick introduction to ngDesk, we encourage you to sign up for a free 1-on-1 screen share session with an ngDesk pro.

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