Free alternative to Zendesk: ngDesk

Free alternative to Zendesk: ngDesk

Fed up with paying for software that’s expensive and incomplete? Then make the switch from Zendesk and sign up for free with the free alternative to Zendesk, ngDesk, an all-in-one free help desk software with more features than Zendesk. ngDesk is complete with ticket management, instant notifications, and a bright future of smart features powered by artificial intelligence.

Let’s take a look at why ngDesk is the best solution on the market for a more workable and budget-friendly help desk software.

Completely free help desk software

ngDesk is the best free alternative to Zendesk because you also get more for less. With a free ngDesk account, you can invite unlimited users, manage tickets and SLAs, and receive instant notifications. Other software brands like Zendesk charge per user per month for these features, which means the more your organization grows, the larger your bill becomes.

Why is ngDesk free? We get this question quite a bit. How could more cost less? Well, not only do we use ngDesk in-house, but we also plan to release a bundle of paid features powered by artificial intelligence that will do nothing less than fundamentally reinvent the traditional help desk.

Our journey began when our team grew frustrated by the current offerings for help desk software. Zendesk managed tickets, but didn’t send notifications. So we turned to PagerDuty for notifications. But Zendesk and PagerDuty were not meant to work together–not to mention they were expensive, each charging per user per month. We knew there was a better way.

Do you know of a better way? Our users are full of sound advice that our team has taken to heart and added to ngDesk. See something ngDesk is missing that is vital to your business? Let us know and we’ll likely add it!

More comprehensive features

ngDesk offers an all-inclusive library of features that can be tailored to fit any needs, like ngDesk Analytics, Service Level Agreements, and On-Call Schedules. Unlike Zendesk, our features are included with every ngDesk account free of charge. Our features were designed to simplify help desk software without being heavy on the wallet. No more paying for a plan where you only receive a limited number of features. ngDesk is the free alternative to Zendesk because it aligns with our guiding vision: all features in one software at no cost.

New features in the works

Need another reason to love ngDesk, the free alternative to Zendesk? We are continuously developing new features in order to make ngDesk the most comprehensive business solution on the market. Many features, such as AI-powered Chatbot and AI-powered phone system, will be released soon!

More updates every week!

Still not sure if ngDesk is right for you? Sign up for a free 1-on-1 screen share session with an ngDesk pro. Or you can dive right in with your very own free ngDesk account. All you need is an email address!

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