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Customer relationship management tools with ngDesk

Customer relationship management tools are key to good rapport with a client, and what business succeeds without happy customers? These customer relationship management tools, also known as CRM, began as a way for businesses to grow by way of understanding who exactly they were selling to. Who were their customers? How best to interact with them? And, after a sale is completed, how was their experience? CRM helps businesses answer all these questions about the health of the entire venture, from individual agent performance to year-to-year sales. The best customer relationship management tools are customizable enough for any business to implement into their daily operations.

ngDesk understands this, which is why we design all of our current and future features with these concerns in mind. Let’s take a closer look at ngDesk’s customer relationship management tools to see why we are the best, most flexible solution for businesses looking to increase both efficiency and growth.

Service Level Agreements

customer relationship management toolsTime is everything. When incidents arise, customers expect an agent’s full attention on the way to a swift resolution. The challenge here isn’t providing a customer your full attention, but doing so with each customer every day. Entering a service level agreement with a client demands this level of service, putting a business on notice that their reputation and success hinges upon consistent service. ngDesk offers a feature, aptly called Service Level Agreement, which keeps watch of your SLAs and alerts those in your organization of a potential breach. If no one answers the initial alert, another is sent, then another, until the SLA is given the attention it deserves.

This safeguard is not just for SLAs, however, as you can set ngDesk to alert you for any particular account, regardless whether you have a contract in place or not. Say, for example, you’re a tailor with your own shop and a local business owner with a number of employees walks in to order a suit. You, however, being the clever business owner you are, sense a greater opportunity. Make this business owner’s suit exceptional, and you may earn extra business from that company to dress its employees, or another suit for a separate executive. Drop the account name in an SLA to offer excellent support and consistent, meaningful communication to help nurture budding business relationships.


Business is changing. All the time. In unprecedented ways. However, with Monitors from ngDesk, you can stay ahead of the unexpected and take immediate action. Monitors scan your ngDesk account for SLA breaches, new support requests, and can even assist in building workflows. The flexibility of monitors when used in concert with other features on ngDesk like on-call schedules, escalations, and SLAs can result in a completely automated and vigiliant workflow system that ensures your gears are all in working order.

On-call scheduling

customer relationship management toolsEvery organization needs someone behind the scene when incidents occur. ngDesk on-call scheduling ensures you that if something happens during after hours, someone will respond to your request in a timely manner. ngDesk’s on-call schedule is one of the great customer relationship management tools because it ensures complete coverage along with instant notifications.  Never be left hanging on critical requests with ngDesk with a dedicated team of agents ready and eager to assist you .

ngDesk is the all-around customer relationship management tools for your organization because we are customer focused with both your goals and needs in mind.  And that is what makes businesses function flawlessly and become more successful.

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