Why Customer Relationship Management Software is Vital for Small Businesses

Why Customer Relationship Management Software is Vital for Small Businesses

If you’re a small business owner, you know how important customer relationships are to your success. Whether a customer has a good or bad experience, they talk. Customer relationship management software, or CRM, is designed to ensure your customers have the best possible experience to keep business booming.

It’s easy, then, to see why customer relationships management software might be a good idea in theory. Better is always good. But how would customer relationship management software help your business in practice? And how can you tell if you need one?

1. Struggling to Keep Pace & Stay Organized?

customer relationship management software ngDeskIf business is booming and you’re struggling to keep up, ngDesk’s customer relationship management software offers tools to get you back on track and stay there. With features like instant ticket notifications sent out via SMS, push, email, or phone calls, your entire team is informed the second a customer reaches out so you can offer your immediate attention. Plus, urgent tickets are sent to the best available agent, even if they’re not on call, to ensure emergencies are swiftly handled. You can even create personalized premade responses to the most common issues to save time and ensure you offer the right answer every time.

Using a single, centralized inbox organizes all of your customer communication much more effectively than traditional email and encourages collaboration with your team to ensure you’re offering the best answers fast. After using ngDesk in house for nearly a year now, our parent company All Blue Solutions has also improved the efficiency of their internal operations thanks to how easy it is to work together using a shared inbox.


2. Wondering How to Improve Your Customer Service?

customer relationship management software satisfactionCustomer service requires constant attention and vigilance. Luckily, ngDesk’s customer relationship management software helps you identify trends in performance and customer satisfaction. And later this year ngDesk will even suggest areas to improve your performance based on past data with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Data on every action taken in ngDesk is tracked and crunched for a detailed view of company performance, from a wide survey of your entire operation down to the effectiveness of an single agent’s response to a customer, as well as the tone of the customer’s response. ngDesk offers insight on every level of your business so you can play up your strengths and improve your potential weaknesses. Our analytics tool will ensure your business isn’t just more effective, but smarter.


3. Spending Too Much on Your Current CRM?

ngDesk is completely free. From initial request to issue resolution to customer satisfaction surveys and live performance metrics, you have an entire suite of features at your disposal. That’s more features than most paid software. All free. For unlimited agents.

How can we do this? Our parent company, All Blue Solutions, created ngDesk for use in house to fix glaring issues in the current popular customer relationship management software that is both expensive and inefficient. Plus they pay the bills. No other system available offers so many features for free. And we’re always adding new features, like a free live chat feature that will bring you even closer to your customers.

Why would we do this? The more feedback we receive from the thousands of enthusiastic businesses that use ngDesk, the better we can make ngDesk, and the better customer service we all offer. Think of it as a kind of crowd-sourced approach to offering a much needed tool for all customer service representatives, the high tide that raises all boats.


Next Generation Customer Relationship Management Software

ngDesk’s customer relationship management software improves customer relationships by helping you work smarter without dipping into your bottom line. Sound too good to be true? As customer service professionals ourselves, we thought it was time we all have the tools we need to succeed in the next generation. With artificial intelligence and machine learning on the horizon, ngDesk will have you primed and ready not just to improve your customer service, but to lead the way forward. Join us. We’re here to help.

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