Customer Relationship Management Explained

What is Customer Relationship Management?

Customer relationship management is all about improving business relationships. A business is its customers, after all. It caters to its customers, helps them, and succeeds based on their satisfaction and loyalty. Numbers on growth, finances, ROI, and the like are essentially synonyms for customer satisfaction, since it is the customer who decides which companies succeed. In short, customer relationship management lies behind every success a business has.

Customer relationship management isn’t new, either. Businesses have always studied how to attract more customers, connect with those they have, and encourage them to return. The latest iteration, though, looks nothing like it did even ten years ago. Today, customer relationship management refers to software platforms that field customer requests from numerous channels, help businesses work more efficiently, and crunch live data for both a micro and macro view of company performance.

Let’s take a closer look at what you should look for in customer relationship management software.

It’s Free

customer relationship management freePart of running an effective business is running efficiently, which includes cutting costs wherever possible without your business suffering. Obvious, right? Problem is most customer relationship management doesn’t jive with this vital business aim. They charge a lot. Per agent per month, most requiring annual contacts no matter what tiered plan you select. Not only does this dip into your bottom line, but takes a greater share the more your business grows.

The folks at All Blue Solutions, ngDesk’s parent company, experienced this first hand and quickly grew frustrated. ngDesk is our response to how we think CRM software ought to be: free for unlimited users, with more features than most paid software. In fact, as we move down this list, keep in mind that everything listed below is completely free in ngDesk.

Learn more about how (and why) ngDesk can offer its next generation software completely free.

Deep Micro and Macro Reporting and Analytics

Business is endlessly competitive. What’s the best way for a business to set itself apart and attract fruitful customer relationships? In short, by building a reputation for excellent customer support; and the most effective way to improve your customer support is identifying your strengths and weaknesses through customizable data analytics.

With our powerful Analytics tool, ngDesk offers data on every step of the customer support process, including initial response time, sentiment analysis, and overall customer satisfaction. Free. Plus you can display this data in dozens of formats (click photo on right to enlarge) and select between one time data analysis or live updates.

Read more about ngDesk Analytics here.

Total Customization and 3rd Party Integration

customer relationship management customization

To get the most out of your customer relationship management software for your business, it must be completely customizable. Custom views of a shared inbox are vastly superior to traditional email. They are not only easier to organize than traditional email, but prevent agent collision and encourage agents to collaborate to help customers faster and better. ngDesk also offers complete customization of its color scheme and branding so your customers are given a seamless experience from your website to your ngDesk web portal.

CRM software should also integrate seamlessly into your business processes, which is why ngDesk is compatible with Zapier. Zapier is a workflow app that allows you to create automated workflows with more than 750 different apps, meaning ngDesk doesn’t just integrate with your current operations, but simplifies them so you can focus on building your business more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Click here to begin using Zapier with ngDesk.

Mobile Access

customer relationship management mobile app

If you aren’t mobile, you can’t compete. The use of mobile devices is just too prevalent and compelling. A customer relationship management software must offer mobile support so you can take it with you no matter where you are. Quick customer response time is key to satisfied customers and, as we’ve established, key to the success of your business. ngDesk keeps you on the move, allowing you to handle every customer need from anywhere, thanks to our free mobile app.

Download our free mobile app today.

Unlimited Free 1-on-1 Support

A customer relationship management software worth its weight in code offers its own excellent customer service. That is, they are easily accessible and offer personalized support no matter what the issue is you’ve run into. ngDesk comes from a family of customer service professionals. Its parent company, All Blue Solutions, is a service provider and commissioned the creation of ngDesk in-house to improve its operations. In other words, recognize the importance of providing exceptional, fast, and effective customer service.

That’s why ngDesk offers unlimited free 1-on-1 screen share sessions with an ngDesk pro so we can walk you through the basic set ups, help you customize ngDesk to your unique business needs, and ensure you’re getting the most out of our CRM software.

Schedule your own 1-on-1 session with an ngDesk pro here.

Constantly Improving

Just like your business, a customer relationship management software ought to be constantly improving to keep up with the latest technologies and the ways businesses work today. By implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning throughout its application, ngDesk aims to do just that. In just a few months, in fact, ngDesk will upend traditional customer service as you know it. Through smart chat, actionable analytics, intelligent workflows, and more, ngDesk will offer a complete, next generation overhaul of customer service to help agents work smarter and faster with an eye at customer satisfaction and, yes, business growth.

Want to learn more about how we’re shaping the future? Stay tuned to our social channels, where we’ll reveal all the details over the next few months leading up to our planned Summer release. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

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