Customer Management Software from ngDesk: 2017 in Review

Customer Management Software from

ngDesk: 2017 in Review

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Our last post discussed what’s ahead for customer management software in 2018, and how ngDesk is leading a help desk revolution powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Today, however, with the new year just two days away, it’s time to reflect on ngDesk’s exciting first year! We’ll take a look at how ngDesk came to be, our philosophy, and the exciting things ngDesk has added to its repertoire this year.

Why Do You Need ngDesk’s Customer Management Software?

ngDesk began as an in-house solution to the frustration from popular customer management software that is (still) both expensive and incomplete. Our parent company, All Blue Solutions, knew it could do better, so they set aside a team to create the ideal help desk software. From that, ngDesk was born.

We set out to solve the customer management software problem once and for all. So we made it free and included all the features customer service agents need to succeed. We thought this was fairly straightforward. What wasn’t straightforward was the way things had been done with those popular help desk platforms because they didn’t function well together and charged per agent per month. So ngDesk moved everything into a single platform, with new additions every month, and made it free for unlimited agents.

Why is ngDesk Free?

Everything free with ngDesk will always be free because we want to help bring your customer service into the next generation. But is it really that charitable, this ngDesk endeavor? Why not? Think of it as a crowd-sourced project to improve customer service for everyone involved. After all, we do use it in house, but we also take every single suggestion (yes, every single one) seriously, and respond in kind. We’re always open to improvements, additions, and tweaks. There’s no way we could think of everything ngDesk needs. That’s why we need you! In other words, everyone using ngDesk gets better the more ngDesk gets better. After all, high tide raises all boats.

This relationship with you, our users, has resulted in numerous updates to our award-winning UI as well as numerous free features on the horizon. Features like a free live chat, IVR support, and an active directory to make migration to ngDesk easier than ever. If you have a suggestion you’d like to pass along to our team, feel free to contact us or schedule a 1-on-1 screen share session with an ngDesk pro. We’re all ears, and we’re here to help.

What’s Next for ngDesk?

With so much support from our users and more features in the works than ever, ngDesk’s future couldn’t be brighter. Not only do we have a number of free features on the horizon, but ngDesk is also looking to upend the help desk as you know it in 2018 by integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning, that will make traditional help desk software a thing of the past.

By staying on top of the latest technology, ngDesk will have previously unimaginable capabilities. Like cognitive analytics that not only crunches all your data live for actionable insights, but also suggests ways to improve your operations. Or a smart chat bot that helps customer instantly answer common questions, point them in the right direction, or contact the best available agent to address their question with the care and consideration it deserves. Throw in a complete overhaul of traditional ticket management (making tickets a thing of the past), and ngDesk is primed to lead customer service into the new, better world of cognitive customer service.

ngDesk now has thousands of users with droves more added every day. Our office has never been busier, our ambitions never bigger, and we welcome all of it with open arms and ears. Let’s talk!

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