On-call Schedule Rotation Software from ngDesk

On-Call Schedule Rotation Software from ngDesk

ngDesk’s free on-call schedule rotation software offers on-call schedules, escalation policies, SLA management, and instant notifications sent via SMS, push, email, and phone. You get everything that other paid software like PagerDuty offers, but at no cost and for unlimited users. Plus, you can use ngDesk together with system monitoring software like Zabbix, Nagios, and Amazon Cloudwatch thanks to our powerful ticketing system and free API keys. All you need is an email address and ngDesk will convert an email notification from your monitoring software into a ticket that instantly fires off notifications to agents on any number of on-call schedules.

Finally, a completely automated and completely free PagerDuty alternative.

Let’s take a closer look at how ngDesk’s free on-call schedule rotation software can keep you in front of every issue as it arises:

Rotating On-Call Schedule

on-call schedule rotation software

ngDesk’s free on-call schedule rotation software lets you create multi-layered on-call schedules that work in concert with notifications and escalations based on three criteria: users, rotation time, and when your changes apply. You can add as many layers as you wish and add as many users to a layer as you need. (And remember, you can add unlimited users to your free ngDesk account.) Each user can select how they wish to be notified of an issue while on call in any combination of SMS, push notifications, emails, and phone call.

In the image above, you’ll find three layers: Primary On-Call Staff, Off-Hours Support, and Emergency Backup. When an issue arises, your Primary On-Call Staff, the final layer at the bottom, is notified first, followed by Off-Hours Support and then Emergency Backup. Adding multiple layers your on-call schedule allows you to create multiple lines of defense against missed calls and helps ensure no SLA is ever breached.

Service Level Agreements

on-call schedule rotation softwarengDesk gives you complete control over your Service Level Agreements. Create as many as you like, complete with auto-escalating alerts and multichannel notifications. Plus, you can set multiple reply times for each ticket status as the notification auto-escalates. (Ticket statuses in ngDesk include Low, Moderate, High, and Critical.)

For example, if a critical ticket is sent in by an SLA account, those reply times will be different than all other target reply times. You can also set priorities for each SLA so you receive alerts from your most important accounts first.


on-call schedule rotation softwareEscalations ensure calls are never missed and SLAs are never breached. They can have as many rules as you need to ensure numerous lines of defense, set however long apart as you need. You can assign escalations to groups or individual users.

In the image above, the first level of escalation triggers immediately, sending the entire Emergency Response Team notifications of a new issue. If that team is preoccupied with other issues, another round of notifications will be sent to the two users in the second level 15 minutes after the initial notifications are sent out. On and on until ngDesk reaches the final rule, which will repeat until someone begins working on that issue.


on-call schedule rotation softwareFinally, notifications are key to on-call schedule rotation software. They are the lifeblood of efficient teams, keeping everyone informed via each users’ preferred combination of push notifications, SMS, email, or phone call. The moment a ticket is received, an SLA is triggered, or an update is received, notifications are instantly sent to all users and/or groups associated with the ticket or SLA account.

Putting it All Together

On-call schedule rotation software is key to better efficiency, what with on-call schedules and SLAs crawled through with auto-escalating, multichannel notifications. With all this in place, your call center, your tech support, your customer service with become automated, your team will work faster, and all their actions taken in ngDesk will be tracked, reported, and analyzed in ngDesk’s powerful Analytics tool.

To switch to a free PagerDuty alternative without losing any features, all you need is an email address. You’ll be given your own free ngDesk account to take advantage of on-call schedules, escalation policies, multiple SLA policies, and instant notifications sent via SMS, push, email, and phone. Plus, ngDesk is free for unlimited users and includes robust ticket management features and a rich Analytics tool. Plus, we have even more features coming out this year, like our free live chat feature, IVR support, and active directory. And, by this summer, ngDesk will unveil their vision for the future of customer service powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning for great insight, leaner workflows, and more effective agents. Stay up to date with all the latest features and innovations from ngDesk by following us on FacebookTwitterGoogle+, and LinkedIn!

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