Best practices for measuring help desk customer satisfaction

Best practices for measuring help desk customer satisfaction

Best practices for measuring help desk customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is of essence for most businesses, as it helps them to fully understand their clients. Because of this, business have started to place great emphasis on customer feedback in the form of surveys. Surveys are a trouble-free way to gather and analyze a customer’s attitude and feelings towards the recent service that they received. However, there is a major downside to customer surveys. A large percent of organizations is sending out surveys at an increasing rate, which leads to customer being both overwhelmed and not willing to participate. In what ways can companies gain effective customer surveys without bombarding customers with multiple requests?   Let’s review the best practices for measuring help desk customer satisfaction.

Straight to the point

Surveys come to customers in various lengths and formats to receive clear information. In some cases, this may not be enjoyable for customers, as not everyone would like to spend a large bulk of time completing a survey with a never-ending list of questions. Making surveys concise and avoiding redundant questions helps to maintaining a healthy response rate. Wasting a customer’s  time with long surveys not only leads to them being incomplete but also with the loss of information for your organization.

Wording is everything

Asking a customer to complete a survey is one innocent task, until they start to feel pressured to complete a survey. That’s why the overall tone of a survey should be conveyed in a non-pushy way. Creating a survey that has a warm appeal and attraction to it leads customers to be willing to respond appropriately. ngDesk believes in this so much, which is why our customer satisfaction surveys are based on a five-star rating with customized messages for both a simple and friendly feedback. Approaching customers with feedback requests can be made easier with personalized support.

Accessible outreach

After interacting with an agent for an extended period, the last thing a customer would want is to be asked to respond to a survey upfront. Reaching out to a customer through other methods, such as email or even a web widget, enables them to complete surveys on their own time. With ngDesk, customers receive an email after every ticket resolution with a survey attached. ngDesk customer satisfaction surveys removes the need to respond to surveys in a quick manner, giving customers control on when they would like to submit feedback.

ngDesk 2.0 is slated to release this summer. Get ready to see the best practices for measuring help desk customer satisfaction in action.

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