Free help desk management software: ngDesk

Free help desk management software: ngDesk Help desk software has become a major commodity for many businesses, no matter their business type or size. Help desks encompass many functions, from traditional email ticket management, to automated processes. However, help desks are becoming more than the average ticket monitoring system. They are becoming an all-around email [...]

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Aligning IT solutions with business processes

Adapting to Growth: How Tucker Real Estate Stuck the Landing Every business wants to grow, but how many can keep up? One of the biggest challenges a company can face is how to prevent growth from degrading the quality of their product or service. Tucker Real Estate faced some challenges after opening new locations, but [...]

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Free HR Management Software: ngDesk

Free HR Management Software: ngDesk Behind every successful organization lies an effective Human Resources department. Human Resources is the backbone of a company because they are responsible for adding, maintaining, and retaining employees. However, ensuring your HR department is running at peak performance can be a challenge. Failing to ensure your Human Resources department is [...]

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