Improve customer service with multichannel communication with ngDesk

Improve Customer Service with Multichannel Communication from ngDesk One of the best ways to grow a business is through responsive and transparent customer service, and one of the best approaches is to improve customer service with multichannel communication. But what is multichannel communication? And more importantly how can you add it to your current operations [...]

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Centralized user management with ngDesk

Centralized user management with ngDesk Running into trouble managing your users and keeping everyone on the same page? Sign up for a free ngDesk account to take advantage of our centralized user management features that seamlessly weave into your existing operations. All completely free. ngDesk is the best centralized user management software because there is [...]

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Customer relationship management tools

Customer relationship management tools with ngDesk Customer relationship management tools are key to good rapport with a client, and what business succeeds without happy customers? These customer relationship management tools, also known as CRM, began as a way for businesses to grow by way of understanding who exactly they were selling to. Who were their [...]

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Who’s online? Find out with ngDesk!

Who's on first? Find out which users are online with ngDesk's latest free addition, the User Status Window! What is it? Located in the top right of the ngDesk web application next to your nameplate, the User Status Window shows which users are currently online with a green light near their name. If a user [...]

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Simplify User Authentication Process with Active Directory Connect

Simplify User Authentication Process with ngDesk's Active Directory Connect We are proud to announce the latest free feature for ngDesk, Active Directory Connect, to simplify user authentication process with your organization. Launching this week, Active Directory Connect allows you to import users from your internal active directory to your ngDesk account. All told, ngDesk's Active [...]

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