Why ngDesk is the Best Customer Support Software

Why ngDesk is the Best Customer Support Software Customer support software is a vital part of both building and maintaining excellent rapport with customers, clients, and key accounts. It's no different than an experience at a restaurant: good experiences are memorable, while bad experiences are best forgotten. ngDesk's customer support software can help make your [...]

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Free Kayako Alternative: ngDesk

Free Kayako Alternative: ngDesk Many help desk software currently available, such as Kayako, are either expensive, incomplete, or both. Usually both. Software like Kayako charges you a premium for features companies need to provide stellar customer service. Most help desk software companies know this and charge for it. ngDesk knows this all too well, but [...]

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Free Team Management Software from ngDesk

Free Team Management Software from ngDesk What is Teams? ngDesk's latest free team management software feature, Teams, gives you complete control over how your organization's workforce is structured in ngDesk by mirroring its structure. From scheduling on-call agents to documenting company trends and performance, Teams provides many opportunities to collaborate. Let's take a closer look [...]

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Our Latest Team Collaboration Tool: Teams

Teams: the Latest of ngDesk's Team Collaboration Tool All of us at ngDesk are thrilled to announce our latest free team collaboration tool: Teams! Available Thursday, January 18, Teams lets you group users together to mirror the structure of your organization. Teams also brings with it a brand new user type: Managers! Managers are in [...]

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ngDesk Status Update: 1/16/2018 @ 11:49AM

Update @ 11:49AM CST: ngDesk is back online! Update @ 11:00AM CST:  The issue resides with Amazon Web Services, who hosts ngDesk. We are working closely with Amazon to ensure ngDesk is up and running as soon as possible. Initial Report: ngDesk is currently down and our team is working diligently to resolve the issue [...]

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On-call Schedule Rotation Software from ngDesk

On-Call Schedule Rotation Software from ngDesk ngDesk's free on-call schedule rotation software offers on-call schedules, escalation policies, SLA management, and instant notifications sent via SMS, push, email, and phone. You get everything that other paid software like PagerDuty offers, but at no cost and for unlimited users. Plus, you can use ngDesk together with system [...]

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Free Help Scout Alternative: ngDesk

Looking for a free Help Scout alternative? Tired of that all too brief free trial period? Fed up with tiered pricing that charges you per user per month? Ready to move beyond Help Scout's limits? Then break free with ngDesk, a complete and completely free Help Scout alternative that offers more features than Help Scout [...]

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Customer Relationship Management Explained

What is Customer Relationship Management? Customer relationship management is all about improving business relationships. A business is its customers, after all. It caters to its customers, helps them, and succeeds based on their satisfaction and loyalty. Numbers on growth, finances, ROI, and the like are essentially synonyms for customer satisfaction, since it is the customer [...]

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Why Customer Relationship Management Software is Vital for Small Businesses

Why Customer Relationship Management Software is Vital for Small Businesses If you're a small business owner, you know how important customer relationships are to your success. Whether a customer has a good or bad experience, they talk. Customer relationship management software, or CRM, is designed to ensure your customers have the best possible experience to [...]

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