Customer Management Software from ngDesk: 2017 in Review

Customer Management Software from ngDesk: 2017 in Review   Our last post discussed what's ahead for customer management software in 2018, and how ngDesk is leading a help desk revolution powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Today, however, with the new year just two days away, it's time to reflect on ngDesk's exciting first [...]

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Help Desk Software Outlook for 2018

Help Desk Software Outlook for 2018 Help desk software is primed for a revolution in 2018. Traditional ticket management, with slow processes requiring manual attention and resolution times measured in hours or days, is primed to become streamlined and instantaneous. How? Artificial intelligence and machine learning. This technology is ushering in the next generation of [...]

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PagerDuty Alternative

ngDesk: The Best Free PagerDuty Alternative ngDesk is the best PagerDuty alternative because it offers a complete help desk with instant notifications, ticket management, and a host of automation and analytics features to ensure your customer service team is always at its best. Plus it's completely free. A PagerDuty alternative worth its [...]

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Looking for a HappyFox Alternative?

Looking for a HappyFox Alternative? Looking for a HappyFox alternative? One that's free for unlimited users? With a faster start up time? And unlimited free support? ngDesk's help desk software is free for unlimited users with more features, a faster start up time, and unlimited free 1-on-1 customer support to get you working faster and [...]

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Free HappyFox Alternative: ngDesk

The Best Free HappyFox Alternative Most help desk software these days, like HappyFox, is expensive, incomplete, and, as a result, frustrating. Either it squeezes your bottom line or tests your patience. It was out of this frustration that ngDesk's free help desk software was conceived. And since our parent company, All Blue Solutions, uses it [...]

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Zendesk Alternative: ngDesk

Zendesk Alternative: ngDesk ngDesk is the best free Zendesk alternative available because it offers more features than Zendesk—all completely free. Free features like a powerful ticket management system complete with vigorous auto-escalating notifications that make sure you're not just receiving tickets, but you're alerted the instant they're submitted. Zendesk, like ngDesk, is a ticket management [...]

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The Best Free Freshdesk Alternative

ngDesk is the Best Free Freshdesk Alternative ngDesk is the best free Freshdesk alternative because it offers much more than Freshdesk's free plan, and some of these features Freshdesk only offers with their expensive payment plans that charge per agent per month. ngDesk on the other hand, is completely free for unlimited agents. ngDesk offers [...]

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ngDesk, the Free Front Alternative

The Best Free Front Alternative Is your traditional email inbox feeling cluttered and cumbersome? Looking to get more out of your email replacement software? ngDesk is the best free Front alternative available because not only is it completely free help desk software, but it's equipped with collaborative ticketing, instant alerts, and ample customization options for [...]

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ngDesk, the Award-Winning Free Help Desk Software Platform

ngDesk is now an award-winning free customer support platform! We are extremely proud to announce that ngDesk is now an award-winning free help desk software platform. FinancesOnline, one of the leading voices in SaaS software, awarded ngDesk its 2017 Rising Star award for being a promising solution at suchat early stage, as well as its [...]

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