The Help Desk that Goes Beep in the Night

The Help Desk that Goes Beep in the Night "What was that?" you ask. "Shh! Listen."  Sorry to wake you in the middle of the night. It's just the instant notifications for customer support tickets from ngDesk, your friendly neighborhood free help desk software. That's not so scary, right? In fact, it's rare for a [...]

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Improve Customer Service with ngDesk

Who Helps the Help Desk? Back before ngDesk was created to improve customer service, our parent company, All Blue Solutions, decided current help desk software was expensive, inefficient, and incomplete. So All Blue Solutions commissioned a team of developers to use what they learned from using some of the most popular (and expensive) help desk [...]

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Top 3 Keys to Great Customer Service

Top 3 Keys to Great Customer Service Attentiveness, empathy, and efficiency are all keys to great customer service because customer service is in the business of absorbing problems. A customer doesn't want to contact customer service unless they need to, and those situations are rarely enjoyable. A customer service agent's first task is understanding this [...]

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10 Best Free Tools for Entrepreneurs

The 10 Best Free Tools for Entrepreneurs: ngDesk originated as this crazy in-house idea we had of completely reinventing customer service software as it exists today. We did our fair share of research, and paid for popular help desk solutions that proved inefficient. Since customer service demands quick turnaround, we figured free and fast was [...]

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Free Web Help Desk Software

Free Web Help Desk Software Help desk software is stuck in a rut. The story goes that neither paid nor free web help desk software covers the entire customer service process from initial alert to that well-earned 5-star rating. The more you pay the better features you get, while free software is just the stripped-down [...]

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Web Ticketing in the Cloud

Web Ticketing in the Cloud ngDesk is a complete multichannel web ticketing platform that gives you total control over your request to resolution. Web ticketing works in many ways on ngDesk. We offer a free web widget for your website so visitors submit a ticket to your ngDesk account without leaving your website. Our main [...]

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What are the ticketing tools available?

What are the Ticketing Tools Available? With ngDesk's free help desk software, you can do more with tickets than in most paid software. From instant notifications once a ticket is received to in-ticket communication, ngDesk offers abundant ticket management tools for customers and agents alike. What are the ticketing tools available on ngDesk for your [...]

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Free Hosted Customer Service Software

Free Hosted Customer Service Software Free hosted customer service software worth its weight in code ought to be complete. Complete hosted customer service software, whether free or paid, is few and far between, however. (Psst. Game of Thrones Shame Lady, that's your cue!) In fact, ngDesk began as an in-house solution to the expensive and [...]

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Why is a Help Desk Important?

Why is a help desk important? Jimmy Fallon did this bit on Saturday Night Live as the sarcastic Nick Burns, Your Company’s Computer Guy, who would swoop in to talk a frazzled coworker through some computer problem. His temper would quickly flare, though, and he’d yell “Move!” and fix it in a flurry of clicks. [...]

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