ngDesk: The Free Zendesk Alternative

Your Complete and Completely Free Zendesk Alternative Welcome to ngDesk, the free Zendesk alternative with ticket management plus incident alerts, live chat, automation, and more. Most help desk software like Zendesk only focuses on certain parts of the customer service process, which is expensive and inefficient. We knew we could do better. In fact, we're [...]

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ngDesk: The Free PagerDuty Alternative

Your Complete and Completely Free PagerDuty Alternative Looking for an easy and free PagerDuty alternative? We were, too. That's why we created ngDesk, a free PagerDuty alternative that's an operations monitor complete with instant notifications and a robust ticket management platform. Don't just receive notifications, do something about them with ngDesk. Here are a few [...]

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立即预约ngDesk免费线上演示!   如果您对ngDesk有任何疑问,请您立即预约 免费的ngDesk线上演示, 将有ngDesk技术专员带您一对一详细了解ngDesk的所有功能。 如果您刚刚下载ngDesk软件,需要了解一下软件的各项功能,或者需要技术专员帮您进行初始设置,再或者您有任何疑问的话,我们都可以帮您解决。ngDesk技术专员随时随地能解答您各类问题,帮助您在客户服务领域领先一步。点击这里了解更多 浏览ngDesk的所有功能 免费的ngDesk线上演示能让您认识到一个全渠道客户支持服务平台将如何提升业务运营能力,通过线上演示,更可以帮助您了解到ngDesk的特性以及其提供的功能将怎样更好的为您的业务服务。 设置您的免费ngDesk账户 当您下载好软件后,ngDesk技术专员将帮助您进行账户设置并开始使用,以便您的客服可以直接进行工单管理并通过监测ticket management and 实时绩效指标监测提高工作效率。此外,您也可以与任何一位ngDesk技术专员进行屏幕共享,帮助您设置ngDesk,使ngDesk的功能设置能更贴合您的业务。 告诉我们您的疑问 如果您有疑问,请咨询我们的技术专员,我们将回答您对于ngDesk的所有疑问,包括ngDesk是如何将客户服务整合到一个统一的平台中,以及ngDesk未来的发展计划,或者提供一些使用ngDesk功能的建议。 ngDesk是一个更简单、更智能、更有效的客户支持服务平台解决方案,您可以通过各种方式了解ngDesk,体验全新的客户服务支持方式。 为了帮助您快速入门,我们制作了一系列的 视频,帮助您熟悉ngDesk的功能。 此外,您还可以在ngDesk官网上找到内容丰富的 支持文档, 提供了每一步的操作说明和详细信息,能帮助您快速熟悉ngDesk。 您还可以向 发送邮件,获取更多帮助!

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Free ngDesk Walkthrough!

Schedule a Free ngDesk Walkthrough Today!   Schedule a free ngDesk walkthrough today for a 1-on-1 tour or everything our next generation help desk has to offer. Just download the free ngDesk help desk software? Excellent choice. Looking for a tour?  Need help getting started? Have questions? Want to know more about ngDesk's free help [...]

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Free Help Desk Software from ngDesk

Why ngDesk? Looking for free help desk software for every step of customer support? We were too. That's why we created the 100% free ngDesk. Before ngDesk, there wasn’t a comprehensive help desk software that bundled everything required for quick, quality customer support. Instead, there was an expensive and inefficient tangle of separate programs that [...]

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