ngDesk: The Free Zendesk Alternative

Your Complete and Completely Free Zendesk Alternative Welcome to ngDesk, the free Zendesk alternative with ticket management plus incident alerts, live chat, automation, and more. Most help desk software like Zendesk only focuses on certain parts of the customer service process, which is expensive and inefficient. We knew we could do better. In fact, we're [...]

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ngDesk: The Free PagerDuty Alternative

Your Complete and Completely Free PagerDuty Alternative Looking for an easy and free PagerDuty alternative? We were, too. That's why we created ngDesk, a free PagerDuty alternative that's an operations monitor complete with instant notifications and a robust ticket management platform. Don't just receive notifications, do something about them with ngDesk. Here are a few [...]

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Free ngDesk Walkthrough!

Schedule a Free ngDesk Walkthrough Today!   Schedule a free ngDesk walkthrough today for a 1-on-1 tour or everything our next generation help desk has to offer. Just download the free ngDesk help desk software? Excellent choice. Looking for a tour?  Need help getting started? Have questions? Want to know more about ngDesk's free help [...]

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Free Help Desk Software from ngDesk

Why ngDesk? Looking for free help desk software for every step of customer support? We were too. That's why we created the 100% free ngDesk. Before ngDesk, there wasn’t a comprehensive help desk software that bundled everything required for quick, quality customer support. Instead, there was an expensive and inefficient tangle of separate programs that [...]

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